Tibetan Spaniel Information

Since 1996, the Tibetan Spaniel Network has provided you with comprehensive information on Tibbies. Tibbies.net is for anyone interested in learning more about the Tibetan Spaniel dog breed.

Where to Start

To discover more about Tibbies, we suggest you begin by reading Meet the Tibetan Spaniel and the pages within Tibetan Spaniel Health & Care. If you have any questions about the breed, please feel free to ask Tibetan Spaniel owners and breeders in the Village Forum. Check out some of the great photos in our User Photo Gallery.

Suggestions & Submissions

If you have any suggestions for how we can improve The Tibetan Spaniel Network website, please let us know!

We can always use photos for the home page slide show. If you have a nice image of your Tibetan Spaniel that you think would work well for the slide show, email me your 640px x 256px (72dpi) image in JPG or PNG format.

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